Sweat Jungle Women / Nude and white / Broidery

Sweat Jungle Women / Nude and white / Broidery


Sweat La Jungle / Nude or White

  • The Jungle Women's Sweatshirt features two parrots, a toucan and a Rouge-George who observe each other.

  • Cotton is combed and 100% organic cotton, the thickness is 300 g.

  • The Musca - Paris sweatshirts are embroidered in a workshop in Montpellier, in France. Embroidery is the most noble of printing techniques and the most durable. Once embroidered, the sweatshirt will be worn before embroidery begins to be damaged.

  • You can choose between two shades: Nude or Vintage White. In the first 2 photos the color of the chosen model is Nude, the last Ione is SunnyWhite.

  • Wash at 30°

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