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Au bout du Champ, the carotte and the stick ( At the End of the Field)

In a shop, I have an experience close to a dissociative identity disorder : paranoid interviewer, conspiracy fan of junk food, certified in bio chemistry, distant friend of a fantasy permaculturist, accomplice of multinational criminal ... At the crossroads between stalls and the announcement of the imminent extinction of our species, eyes fixed on a box of Kinder, I hesitate.

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Mohammad El Khaldy et Stéphane Jégo at the restaurant La Résidence , Ground Control, in Paris

I met the Syrian chef Mohammad El Khaldy, in front of the restaurant at the Ground Control Residence, in the 12th arrondissement.

Mohammad El Khaldy, well known in Damascus, is one of the three chefs 3 of the first edition of the Refugee Food Festival that took place in 2016.

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