Mohammad El Khaldy et Stéphane Jégo at the restaurant La Résidence , Ground Control, in Paris

Mohammad El Khaldy et Stéphane-Jégo, La Résidence Restaurant at Ground Control, Paris 12 ©photo : Constance Lacorne

Mohammad El Khaldy et Stéphane-Jégo, La Résidence Restaurant at Ground Control, Paris 12 ©photo : Constance Lacorne

I met the Syrian chef Mohammad El Khaldy, in front of the restaurant the Residence, Ground Control, in the 12th arrondissement in Paris.

Mohammad El Khaldy, well known in Damascus, is one of the three chefs of the first edition of the Refugee Food Festival  that took place in 2016.

Years ago he had success in Syria (Orange Bar), had to flee to Lebanon and then go to Egypt almost immediately. Mohammad El Khaldy arrived in 2016 in France. Thanks to his collaboration with the Cuistots Migrateurs (caterer who employs refugee cooks), he met Marine Mandrila the directice of the Refugee Food Festival and was able, once his papers were obtained, to participate in this first edition.

The principle of this first festival: 11 Parisian chefs open their kitchens to refugee chefs. Mohammad El Khaldy worked with Stéphane Jégo, chef at l'Ami Jean , their collaboration continuing today at the Residence.

For the 2018 edition the festival has expanded to more than 100 restaurants and 14 cities around the world such as Paris, Madrid, Cape Town, New York... The goal is to change the way we look at refugees, to allow chefs from different backgrounds to exchange culture, tastes, know-how, and to help exiled chefs find work or better project their restaurant projects.

The Residence is the first permanent restaurant of the Refugee Food Festival. Every two to six months a new refugee leader will come to create, form a team, share with other leaders, and build his project.

Mohammad El Khaldy with Stéphane Jégo welcome and accompany the invited exiled leaders.



  • Mezze Syrians : Hummus • Cream of chickpeas, tabbouleh of Damascus / Moutabal • Eggplant caviar and sesame cream, Tabouleh of Damascus / Duo • Houmous and Mutabal + Taboule to share

  • Shish Taouk : Marinated chicken, aioli, apples grape, pita bread - 9,5 €

  • Georgian dishes: Eggplant rolled with walnuts, salad • Spinach sprouts, cherry tomatoes, feta, pomegranates ... 9,5 € / Veal with tarragon: Veal with white wine and fresh herbs, apples grape - 12 €

  • Dessert: the famous rice-au-lait from L ' Ami Jean (Stéphane Jégo) revisited by the chefs of the Résidence

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday.
81, rue du Charolais - 12th