Au bout du Champ, the carotte and the stick ( At the End of the Field)

In a shop, I have an experience close to a dissociative identity disorder : paranoid interviewer, conspiracy fan of junk food, certified in bio chemistry, distant friend of a fantasy permaculturist, accomplice of multinational criminal ... At the crossroads between stalls and the announcement of the imminent extinction of our species, eyes fixed on a box of Kinder, I hesitate.

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Lili Barbery, the nostril and the pebble

Yoga fills innumerable mouths of esoteric discourses on the responsibility that one would have of everything, of our happiness, of our misfortune. It gives meaning to everything, the unbearable, the insignificant. He makes the promise of a possible dialogue with the universe. It would be possible to address the universe, and the universe would answer us!

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constance lacorneComment
ViensVoirMonTaf , the network for young people without a network

At the origin of this project: Virginie Salmen (journalist for Europe 1), Mélanie Taravant (journalist on France 5) and Gaelle Frilet (English teacher). After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, rather than theorizing the incomprehensible, they decide to act. Many fractures have appeared, these three women make the choice to help children who live in difficult neighborhoods, neighborhoods where the prospects for a professional future are limited, where to feel French is less obvious than elsewhere.

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Atelier Extramuros, Furniture & Up-cycling

In Gennevilliers, in a Veolia sorting center, the exemplary nature was nested. Atelier Extramuros extracts the beauty of waste, transfigures waste; the recovered and reworked wood becomes designer furniture of a well thought-out beauty.
From the workshop, they go by truck to retrieve, find, reinvent resources in the middle of artificial mountains. The course is marked by strict safety rules, the alliance is fruitful. Furniture, parquet, hardwood, beam, aglomerate, pallet ...

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Les Pantins, restaurant and wine shop

To eat. Calmly, greedily, more slowly, to throw oneself head down again on one's plate, pause for a moment to feed one's eyes too. No frills. In these dishes one finds the beauty one finds in a landscape, a grove that blooms, a rough sea, a ruin that arises; an imbalance in taste, a sudden accent, something tender mixed with something that splits, unequal masses, light that bumps into the dark.

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Mohammad El Khaldy et Stéphane Jégo at the restaurant La Résidence , Ground Control, in Paris

I met the Syrian chef Mohammad El Khaldy, in front of the restaurant at the Ground Control Residence, in the 12th arrondissement.

Mohammad El Khaldy, well known in Damascus, is one of the three chefs 3 of the first edition of the Refugee Food Festival that took place in 2016.

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