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⇝ Musca is not about drinking. It is more like a tattoo of the day. Musca designs organic t-shirts and sweatshirts that express a mood. We do tattooed and inspired clothing. Musca is organic and ethical because the manufacturing line is eco-responsible. The clothes are as beautiful as I hope you find it to be, soft because cotton is good, funny one day, original like the illustrations I design.

Musca Paris offers clothes that respect nature and are inspired by it. A new brand that sets off on the adventure of fashion in good conscience and in good conduct awarded by GOTS and the FairWearFoundation.




Musca values responsible fashion, respects people as well as the environment.

The organic cotton of our t-shirts is a natural fiber, labeled GOTS, GMO-free, much less water-hungry than conventional cotton. Most importantly, the production of this cotton does not rely on chemicals (either fertilizers or pesticides) and promotes the rotation of crops to keep soil healthier, more fertile and more humid. Our cotton has been awarded the GOTS label, the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the strictest certification in organic fiber textiles. 

Musca ensures with the Fair Wear foundation label that certain working conditions are respected : reasonable working hours, prohibition of child labor, freedom of assembly and negotiation , decent salaries, good working conditions and safety mesures, contractual commitment of the employer, etc)

Musca T-shirts use Dyes certified Oeko tex class 1, which do not contain any substances that may be harmful to you or the environment (this is the label used for baby products which garantees the total absence of lead).

We work on the idea of responsible fashion that respects people and the environment.

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Musca is a brand created by Constance Lacorne (Atelier Licorne). SIRET : 478447121 00029 © All photographs and illustrations on this site are the exclusive property of Constance Lacorne.